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Building Dreams together

January 17, 2020

We sat sipping iced coffee at our favorite coffee spot in town. We were busy contemplating about how to procure a home loan in Mumbai. He was busy researching on Google about the lowest interest rates and I was imagining the décor of our new home in Mumbai

We were married for a year now. Having completed our masters together being college sweethearts, we deep dived into work life soon after college and after three years had enough savings to apply for a home loan in Mumbai.  



“Hey I got it!” He said.

I jumped! “What which bank is offering the lowest interest rates on applying for a home loan?” I asked excitedly.

He showed me his Google search and we both smiled contentedly at each other.

“That was a close call.” He said.

I nodded nervously thinking how we were about to blow away our savings at the hands of this sales executive a few months ago.

He had mentioned a way higher interest rate and almost convinced us that we wouldn’t get a better deal than what he was offering us on home loans in Mumbai.

I straightened our imaginary crowns and he laughed. We will finally see our dream home become a reality this year end.”

“I Know right? We will be proud owners of the Saxena’s spacious two bed room overlooking the Mumbai skyline. Applying for home loans in Mumbai is not only easy but convenient as well through this bank and we’ll get our money’s worth!”  

He and I gulped down the last of our iced coffee and made our way to the bank to apply for a home loan in Mumbai. Walking together, building dreams together for a terrific tomorrow.   


Category : Home Loan   |  Author : Author1   |  Editor : Niki

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