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How to choose the right Gold Loan scheme based on your requirements

August 20, 2021

Well if you’re thinking to apply for a Gold loan and are worried about the scheme to choose for yourself based on your requirements then you have come to the right place.

We understand that the same schemes will not suit all therefore we have designed varied schemes based on each individual’s unique requirement. Our gold loans schemes are designed to suit your short term and long term requirements.

With Fedfina Gold Loan Scheme Chooser, you choose schemes based on your needs with the help of filters crafted to match your requirements. You can select a Gold Loan scheme from the filters like Balance Transfer, Long Tenure Schemes, Lowest Interest Rate, Short Tenure, Maximum Value for Gold and Daily Interest Scheme.

You can simply visit Fedfina Gold Loan Scheme Chooser select a filter and apply.

This is how the schemes look like based on the selection of filter.

Step 1

Select the filter, choose the Gold Loan scheme and click on  image-2.png

Fill in your basic details: name, mobile no, pin code, email id.

mob_2-1.pngStep 2

Enter the loan amount, Gold weight, pan card details and then you are done.

Our customer care team shall contact you then.

After all the procedure is completed, and your details have been saved in your systems, our customer care team gets in touch with you.

We hope, we have made it even more easy to apply for a loan from Fedfina from your mobile or desktop or from our app Fedfina Loan.

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